Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Writing Consultant

I just got this from my friend Bob Schatz, who wrote a chapter called "Effective Writing for the Career Librarian" in The Librarian's Career Guidebook:

"I am pleased to announce the opening of my office offering writing services to the library/publishing/vending community. Over the years I’ve become aware that much of what organizations send out falls short of its objectives. At worst, it casts an unprofessional light on the organization, negatively impacts results, and damages important relationships. My hope is to help libraries, library associations, publishers, and vendors serving libraries produce clear, effective communiqu├ęs, in whatever form they take. I invite you to visit my website, www.impact2info.com, for a detailed look at the services I now offer.
I am, as always, at your service.
Best regards,
Bob Schatz
Business & Professional Writing Services
ph: 503-706-5204"