Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Call for contributors (book: "a day in the life")

I am editing a book that will briefly describe various career options available to those with a masters in library science (or equivalent, for non-US librarians). It will include traditional library careers (public, academic, school, special library) as well as nontraditional jobs (vendor, publisher, other). Though the primary audience is the US and Canada, I am also looking for authors from other countries. Authors will describe their daily routines (a typical day in their position), the pros and cons of their jobs, and advice to those wanting to follow their career paths. Chapters will run about 2000 words and will be due Jan 1 (with a rough draft due Nov 1).

Below is a list of positions I am still filling, though some are "pending," meaning I have invited authors and am waiting for responses. The list is also very tentative, meaning that I may not include all of these positions in the book.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Priscilla Shontz at
pshontz@liscareer.com. Please very briefly describe your job so I can see how it fits the book’s outline.

Director of large system
Technical Services/Cataloging/Collection Development
Systems/Web/Electronic Services

Head of Technical Services
ILL/document delivery librarian?
(Non-US) subject specialist (ie, music, art, science, etc)
Law school
Other specialized

Media specialist

Consumer health/veterinary/pharmacy/pediatrics (clinical)
Law firm
Tourist attraction/recreation/entertainment

Associations, local/specialized
Consortium trainer
LIS administrator/faculty
Other (online services? Etc?)

Development, database design, programming, etc

Acquisitions editor
Production editor
Sales manager
Online publisher/editor