Saturday, August 08, 2009

Survey: What Do You Love About Librarianship? (Deadline Aug 31)

I would appreciate your input for a new book/article idea I'm working on. Please feel free to pass this on to others. This is just an informal survey asking "what do you love about being in the library/information science field?" I'm looking for quick, anecdotal responses; then I may get back to you if I'd like to follow up. Please respond to by Aug 31 if possible.

(1) Why did you become a librarian or information professional?
(2) What do you enjoy most about being in this field? (ie, variety, schedules, continuing your own education, helping others, research, etc.) Please include examples if possible.
(3) Do you feel you help others, or make an impact, through your work? If so, how?
(4) What is a funny or odd thing you've encountered in your work? (I'm interested in hearing funny anecdotes about "real life" at your job.)
(5) What would you advise a library school student to do or learn before he/she graduates? What advice would you give someone considering this profession?

Thank you again for your time and input!
Priscilla Shontz